ASIEN 134 (Januar 2015)


ASIEN 134 (Januar 2015)

The Evolution of Geography-based South Asia Studies

Gasteditoren: Carsten Butsch, Martin Franz, and Mareike Kroll
Herausgeber: Günter Schucher
Editorial Manager: Benedikt Skowasch



Carsten Butsch, Martin Franz, and Mareike Kroll
The Evolution of Geography-based South Asia Studies
Tine Trumpp and Frauke Kraas
Urban Cultural Heritage in Delhi, India: An Asset for the Future or a Neglected Resource?
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Harald Sterly
“Without a Mobile Phone, I Suppose I Had to Go There” — Mobile Communication and Translocal Social Constellations in Bangladesh
31 Abstract PDF
Gregor C. Falk
Land Use Change in the Coastal Regions of Bangladesh: A Critical Dis-cussion of the Impact on Delta-Morphodynamics, Ecology, and Society
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Carsten Butsch, Mareike Kroll, Frauke Kraas, and Erach Bharucha
How is Rapid Urbanization in India Affecting Human Health? Findings from a Case Study in Pune
73 Abstract PDF
Alexandra Eisenberger and Markus Keck
The Blight in the Center: Dhaka’s Kawran Bazar in the Context of Modern Space Production
95 Abstract PDF
Thomas Hennig
Energy, Hydropower, and Geopolitics — Northeast India and its Neighbors: A Critical Review of the Establishment of India’s Largest Hydropower Base
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Julia Poerting
The Emergence of Certified Organic Agriculture in Pakistan — Actor Dynamics, Knowledge Production, and Consumer Demand
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Stephanie Leder and Erach Bharucha
Changing the Educational Landscape in India by Transnational Policies: New Perspectives Promoted Through Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
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Obituary — Professor Dr. Hans-Georg Bohle 193 PDF


  • Social Movements in Theory and Practice: Concepts and Experiences from Different Regional Contexts, University of Zurich, 24.–25. October 2014 (Silva Lieberherr)
  • Third Conference on Bengal Related Studies for Students and Young Scholars, Halle (Saale), 24.–26. October 2014 (Sukla Chatterjee)
  • Jahrestagung der Deutschen Vereinigung für Chinastudien, Universität Münster, 07.–11. November 2014 (Isea Cieply)
  • Jahrestagung des Arbeitskreises Südostasien in der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geographie, Köln, 14.–15. November 2014 (Gerrit Peters, Frauke Kraas und Javier Revilla Diez)


  • Rolf Zeiler: Asien mit Anzug und Krawatte (Eva Schwinghammer)
  • Srinath Raghavan: 1971. A Global History of the Creation of Bangladesh (Jürgen Stetten)
  • Arndt Michael: India’s Foreign Policy and Regional Multilateralism (Armin Müller)
  • Martin Großheim: Die Partei und der Krieg. Debatten und Dissens in Nordvietnam (Christoph Giebel)
  • Nicholas Herriman: The Entangled State. Sorcery, State Control, and Violence in Indonesia (Friederike Trotier)
  • Yong Wook Lee, Key-young Son (Hgg.): China’s Rise and Regional Integration in East Asia: Hegemony or Community? (Nick Gemmell)
  • Hubert Heinelt (Hg.): Modernes Regieren in China (Matthias Stepan)
  • Robert Heuser, Daniel Sprick: Das rechtliche Umfeld des Wirtschaftens in der VR China (Judith Schöne)
  • Tim Pringle: Trade Unions in China. The Challenge of Labour Unrest (Günter Schucher)
  • Jörn Keck, Dimitri Vanoverbeke, Franz Waldenberger (Hgg.): EU-Japan Relations, 1970–2012. From Confrontation to Global Partnership (Frank Rövekamp)
  • Steven Chung: Split Screen Korea. Shin Sang-Ok and Postwar Cinema (Martin Abraham)

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